In July we had Vadym Kazulkin and Benjamin Jung as guest in the AWS User Group Dortmund again in the Storm Reply offices.

They both gave a very interesting talk about AWS Fargate,
With AWS Fargate, Amazon has released a service that is a mix of container orchestration and serverless. One benefits from common container orchestration features, such as horizontal scaling, self-healing, and service discovery. Fargate fulfills also the characteristics of the serverless applications, since one does not have to administer the containers themselves and thus has a low operational effort.

In addition, containers in Fargate scale automatically and are priced according to the actual resources consumption (CPU and memory).

They also talked briefly about Firecracker, which allows us to provision the Fargate runtime layer faster and more efficiently and about integration possibilities with other AWS services like Step Functions. At the end we talk about the future of Fargate in conjunction with Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

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